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This mural was commissioned by a couple to go in their babies unisex nursery. They wanted to have a Winnie the pooh themed room to compliment the bedding they bought.

winnie the pooh and friends bedroom mural featuring Pooh Bear, Tigger, Eeyore, piglet and Roo eeyore and pooh Bear quote kids bedroom mural

There were 2 feature walls comprising of the main mural and the classic Pooh Bear quote. Both walls were then tied together with the addition of the bees flying over the doorway and ceiling. Below you can see close ups of the characters.

Pooh Bear handpainted childrens mural by wonderlandmurals.co.uk

Piglet mural by wonderlandmurals.co.uk

Winnie the Pooh painted mural with Tigger

Roo from Winnie the Pooh by wonderland murals Cloudy sky painted ceiling

The cloudy sky ceiling completed the theme and provides a wonderful, relaxing room for baby to float off to sleep (hopefully!) At night-time the clouds disappear into darkness and glow in the dark stars will shine out in their place.


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