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This mural was created for a little girls room, it consisted of a full room theme of silhouetted mushrooms and flowers with one feature wall that was full colour and had the Fairy characters relaxing by a toadstool.


silhoetted mushrooms and flowers wall art

The photo on the left shows the effect of the silhouetted mushrooms and flowers, on a "dusk" background that was created by graduating a raspberry red colour all the way down to a light pink.

The effect is very striking and the style could be incorporated to go into many rooms.

Here we have a close up of the fairies, giving you an idea of the attention to detail on the characters and their wings.

Below are a couple of working progress shots


disney fairies tinkerbell wall art mural
kids tinkerbell and disney fairies wall art mural

Below is a panoramic room shot that was sent to me after the room had been dressed and all the fittings put back.


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