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This mural was created for a boy coming up to his 2nd birthday. Like most boys (and a lot of girls!) he just loves dinosaurs. So I painted his wall to look like a Dino Landscape, being careful to not pick an image that would frighten him, yet also finding something that won't be too "babyish" in a couple of years time!

dinosaurs boys bedroom wall mural artwork T Rex dinosaur painted wall mural for boys bedroom

The room was at the top of the house which gave it a really interesting shape, with a low feature wall and a pitch up to the ceiling. This made it possible to paint the entire ceiling as the night sky and include the moon and glow in the dark stars as you can see below.

Dinosaurs bedroom mural by wonderland murals

The design and effect of the mural is similar to the Disney Fairies mural, so much that it is silhouettes on a sunset background, which shows the versatility of the style. The trees were painted into the corners to soften the hard line between the blue feature wall and the white adjacent walls.

Click on this link to view this mural being painted in time-lapse. Feel free to leave a comment!


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