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This mural was created for a six year old boy with ambitions to be an astronaut, so to help him on his way I gave him his own gateway to outer space. The mural measured six foot wide by eight and a half foot high and was situated in an alcove. So to assist in the illusion of being able to do his own space walk, I painted the nibs of the alcove to look as though the wall had fallen down, exposing the bare brick through the ripped wallpaper and out into the great beyond.


deep space astronaut, space shuttle and satellite wall art mural
space shuttle and satellite wall art mural

Left, you can see the whole mural. The astronaut, shuttle, satellite and Earth were all painted onto the dark blue background. The star clusters and nebula were then airbrushed  to create a real sense of depth. Above is a close up on the shuttle detail

outer space satellite wall art mural

Here you see a close up of the satellite and in the top corner of the mural you can see Earth, complete with cloudy atmosphere.

childrens deep space wall art mural
The whole process took four days to complete using emulsion and acrylic paints, finished off with airbrushing and a clear lacquer. To see a time-lapse video of me doing this piece in just 5 minutes, click here for a link to YouTube. 

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